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Healthy pets are happy pets.

Our staff is dedicated to the health and well-being of your pet and the bond that you share.

We have been honored to serve the community, our clients, and their pets for over 30 years.

Jeffry S. Norton, DVM, has owned and operated Clear Creek Veterinary Clinic in Idaho Springs since 1984. We have been at our current location, 1209 Miner Street, since 1995.

Prevent heartworm today!

Late April and early May is the ideal time to start giving your pet heartworm prevention medication. If your dog gets heartworm, it can be fatal. Living here at altitude adds to the risk of the disease.

The cost of PREVENTING heartworm is less than 10% of the cost of TREATING it.

It is as easy as feeding your dog a treat-like tablet once a month. The drugs are low-dose and very effective (95%+).

If your dog gets heartworm, there is only one drug approved by the FDA for killing adult heartworms. Herbal or "slow kill" methods are neither approved nor recommended. The latest recommended treatment protocol from the American Heartworm Society involves blood tests, x-rays, and possibly ultrasound to determine the severity of the disease. Only after performing these tests, can we decide on a plan of action. The treatment’s success depends on the age and health of the dog, the degree of infestation, and whether side effects occur during treatment. Treatment can take 9 months to complete.

Show your dog’s heart some love. Make an appointment with us to make sure your pet is healthy before starting preventative medication. There are many things for us to consider in assessing heartworm risk, including the dog’s breed and appropriate medication.

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