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1209 Miner Street

Idaho Springs

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Welcome to Clear Creek Veterinary Clinic!

Our staff is dedicated to the health and well-being of your pet and the bond that you share.

We have been honored to serve the community, our clients, and their pets for over 30 years.

Jeffry S. Norton, DVM, has owned and operated Clear Creek Veterinary Clinic in Idaho Springs since 1984. We have been at our current location, 1209 Miner Street, since 1995.

For over 30 years,
Dr. Norton has been a member of:

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Dog breath? We can help!

February is National Pet Dental Health Month

Safe home environments, tender care, better nutrition, and advancements in veterinary medicine make it possible for our animal companions to live longer lives. Along with a longer life, comes more wear and tear to the mouth that will cause dental disease to some degree in every pet.

During your pet's annual examination we evaluate their whole mouth: teeth, gums, tongue, and associated lymph nodes. If we see any damage or disease, we will recommend the appropriate course of action, which may range from cleaning and polishing to surgical extractions and/or oral reconstructive techniques. Anesthesia is necessary to achieve a thorough cleaning, otherwise it’s just "tooth grooming"—a cosmetic procedure. Our team of professionals employs proper training, current techniques and specialized equipment to achieve the desired result: a pet not burdened by disease. Test Yourself!How much do you know about
your pet's dental health?
Take this AVMA quiz to find out.Then, watch the videos that
appear after the quiz!
Video #1: Periodontal DiseaseVideo #2: How to Brush Your
Pet's Teeth (scroll down to find it)

"Dog breath" is caused by bacteria and infection. It’s right up our alley to fix that and then educate you about warning signs and even how to brush your pet’s teeth at home. There is no need for your pet to suffer in silence because of poor oral health. It is a fact that oral health is essential to an animal’s overall well-being. Clients and staff alike are amazed by the restored vigor and improved quality of life after dental procedures.

Learn more about pet dental care at


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